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The Peter Feuchtwanger Society was founded in 2018 in memory of Prof. Peter Feuchtwanger - pianists, pedagogue and composer who mentored and worked with many of the world's leading concert pianists, such as Martha Argerich or Shura Cherkassky. He was an adjudicator at many international piano competitions and acted as Vice President of the UK branch of EPTA (European Piano Teachers Association). He held part-time professorships at the Mozarteum Salzburg, the Musikhochschulen in Karlsruhe and Basel, and was a visiting professor at the Yehudi Menuhin School in England.

The Peter Feuchtwanger Society intends to disseminate and develop Prof. Feuchtwanger's instrumental pedagogical concept, and to promote his compositions in performances and publications. It organises the annual Feuchtwanger Piano Symposium - a two-day event of lectures, workshops and a concert. It also establishes an archive in order to support musicological and pedagogical research projects related to the work of Prof. Feuchtwanger.


For almost 30 years, Prof. Feuchtwanger conducted a master class every spring in the city of Feuchtwangen, Germany. Since 2016, the Peter Feuchtwanger Society has been continuing this tradition of teaching and musical exchange by organising the Feuchtwanger Piano Symposium. This two-day event consists of various elements:

  • Lectures on interpretation, repertoire analysis and historical performance practice - as taught by Peter Feuchtwanger

  • Practical workshops on physiological aspects of piano technicque, including Feuchtwanger's Piano Exercises (conducted by former assistants of Prof. Feuchtwanger)

  • Lectures on more recent research and teaching experiences related to Feuchtwanger's work

After a two years hiatius, we are happy that the Feuchtwanger Klaviersymposium 2022 could take place successfully this year on 20-21 April. We are looking forward to host the next edition during the days 12-13 April 2023.Next year we aim at adding the possibility to follow and participate in the lectures and discussions via an online access. The exact details will be communicated to all participants closer to the event.

For more detailed information on the symposium, please refer to the paragraph below. Or do get in touch via email:


The Peter Feuchtwanger Archive wants to support research projects and publications on the work and life of Peter Feuchtwanger. The aim is to set up a publicly accessible reference inventory as well as a digital inventory that is made available online.

The archive wants to enable and support:

  • Research & publications on Peter Feuchtwanger’s “Piano Exercises for Curing Playing Related Disorders and for Acquiring a Functional and Natural Approach to Piano Playing” (read about the exercises in his own words here)

  • Publication of sheet music material with detailed notations and examples of fingerings

  • Research & publication of Feuchtwangers unpublished compositions

  • Research & publications on the life Peter Feuchtwanger

Due to the large amount of material, the Peter Feuchtwanger Archive is still under construction. It will take a few more months before we can publish more detailed information.

If you want to be among the first to get notified, please write to us:

Peter Feuchtwanger

Born in Munich, Germany, Peter Feuchtwanger studied piano with (amongst others) Edwin Fischer and Walter Gieseking; composition with Hans Heimler; and Indian and Arabic music and philosophy with Nazir Jairazbhoy and Dr. Arnold Bake. He gave up an early successful career as a pianist in order to devote himself to composing and teaching.

His greatest musical influence came through his encounter with the Rumanian pianist, Clara Haskil. He has made intensive studies in the bel canto tradition of the golden age of singing.

Peter Feuchtwanger received international recognition as a composer with his Variation on an Eastern Folk Tune (Books 1 and 2), which won 1st prize at the International Viotti Composition Competition in 1959.

For more extended information on Peter Feuchtwanger - including photos, and several of his texts and essays - please refer to the multi-language website:


Traditionally, the Feuchtwanger Klaviersymposium takes place during the week after Easter each year at the Sängermuseum in Feuchtwangen. The next edition is aplnned for the days Wed 12. & Wed 13. April 2023. The finally part of the two day event will be the participants' concert at the town hall "Kasten" on 13 April at 8pm.

- Tradition
For several decades, Prof. Peter Feuchtwanger (1930-2016) conducted master classes and workshops in many parts of the world, among those also in Feuchtwangen, Germany. He was especially fond of this town in Bavaria as that's where his 16th century ancestors originated form. From 1987 to 2015, he gave a yearly master class teaching many students his method of attaining a healthy and natural piano technique and a cantabile way of playing.
Since his passing in 2016, former students of his organise a two-day symposium in his memory which includes several workshops and a concert. The aim is to exchange and spread their knowledge and experiences among the many colleagues and students who are interested in learning about Peter Feuchtwanger and his teaching.
We are very grateful that the symposium is supported by the city of Feuchtwangen.

- Lectures
Regular topics of the lectures during the symposium include performance and work analyses, historical performance praxis, and Peter Feuchtwanger's approach to physical movements at the piano. The lectures are meant to be very practical and interactive, showcasing many examples at the piano.

- Workshop „Piano Exercises“
As a daily routine, the symposium features a practical workshop on Peter Feuchtwanger's "Piano Exercises for Curing Playing Related Disorders and for Acquiring a Functional and Natural Approach to Piano Playing". For at least 1 hour, the experienced teachers will demonstrate the exercises and guide the newcomers through their first attempts. The focus of the exercises is a very natural and functional approach to playing the piano in order top the allow the student to express his/her musical ides in a much more healthy and effortless way.
In addition, there will be sessions on Alexander Technique and Quigong.

- Participants
The symposium and workshops are best suited for professional pianists, piano students, pedagogues and music enthusiasts who are especially interested in the world of piano playing.
For this year, we especially want to encourage younger students (14 years and above) to participate as we believe that getting to know Peter Feuchtwanger's approach is even more beneficial at the beginning of your musical journey.

- Details
Location: Sängermuseum Feuchtwangen, Am Spittel 2-6, 91555 Feuchtwangen, Germany
Fee for participants for the entire symposium & workshop: 25 Euro

- Time Table 2023
Tue 11 April, until 7pm:
Arrival in Feuchtwangen
Wed 12. April, 9:30am - 6pm:
Symposium with Lectures & Wokshops
Thur 13. April, 9:30am - 4pm:
Symposium with Lectures & Wokshops
Thur 13. April, 8pm:
Final Concert at the City Hall „Kasten“, Am Kasten 2, 91555 Feuchtwangen
Entry fee: 8/6 Euro (free for participants of the symposium)

- Registration
To register for the symposium or ask any further questions please write an email to Masako Kamikawa:


If you have any questions or need further information,
please do get in touch via email below.
Thank you very much.

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